Color Viewer

Color Viewer

Dedicated to the industrial printing and the visual communication industries, Caldera’s Color Viewer is a unique softproofing device composed of one monitor inside a lightbox that takes into account 4 essential elements: the monitor light, the normalized lighting of the box, the ambient light and the observer.

What does Color Viewer do?

As a soft proofing device, the Color Viewer allows to:

  • Approve: the colors of the RIP prediction (softproofing file) are compared either to the original file created by the designer or to the original sample. This comparison is done before printing in order to verify that the original colors will match with the printed colors.
  • Control: once the files are printed, the quality of the results can be verified by comparing the final print to the original file or sample.

When should it be used?

  • When the production process is too long
  • When in the production process an error can imply an important amount of material and ink waste
  • When the ordering party is very strict about colors
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