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Copy RIP Print Software

Copy RIP Print Software is the easy-to-use, yet powerful desktop RIP solution for small-volume wide-format Print providers running a small print operation. With intuitive features such as Step & Repeat and Nest-O-Matik™ included as standard, CopyRIP optimizes your media usage on the fly, while SuperSpooler gives you ultimate control over your print jobs. You can stop, release, reorder or change a job at any time, even if you’re not at your desk, using a remote web browser. Caldera’s straightforward interface combined with the ability to edit and enhance documents in the program, will save you time and increase productivity. Whether you’re processing PostScript or raster files or managing end-to-end PDF workflows with the integrated Adobe PDF Print Engine, Caldera CopyRIP delivers high-quality ICC-compliant output every time.


What is CopyRIP ?

  • Straightforward GUI
  • Stop, release, reorder and change a job at any time
  • Automated Nesting
  • Step & Repeat
  • Media optimization enabled
  • Print with remote web-browser
  • High quality ICC compliant output
  • Now includes APPE

Visual RIP Print Software

Visual RIP+ Print Software is the comprehensive workflow solution for large-format print and print-to-cut production for use with multiple devices. Integrated features including Tiling+ and Nest-O-Matik™ help you to make the best use of your media, and sophisticated Step & Repeat allows you to RIP an image once for multiple print jobs. Hotfolders and drag-and-drop functionality simplify your workflow while SuperSpooler effortlessly manages multiple printers simultaneously, allowing you to switch jobs between queues with ease.


With a powerful ICC colour calibration engine and spot colour matching incorporated, plus a host of optional add-on modules to increase functionality, Caldera VisualRIP+ is the trusted RIP solution that will not only help to grow your business but will also grow with it.

Grand RIP Print Software

Grand RIP+ Print Software is the ultimate production workflow solution for large-scale wide- and superwide-format print and print-to-cut applications. Built for speed, reliability and flexibility, GrandRIP+ represents the cutting edge of wide-format production software, supporting all popular large-format printer manufacturers. Incorporating the key features of all Caldera’s RIP packages, including Nest-O-Matik™, Step & Repeat, SuperSpooler and Tiling+, GrandRIP+ also includes SignMark to add eyelet, stitch or fold marks on your tiled output and make finishing a breeze. GrandRIP+ keeps your business adaptable with the ability to add extra modules, including cutting solutions and cost management, as you need them. All these powerful and indispensable tools are controlled from within one simple, intuitive user interface, allowing you to manage your production quickly, easily and seamlessly from start to finish.




  • Powerful production workflow
  • Grand format capabilities
  • Advanced overlap and tiling management
  • Flatbed Print-to-Cut control
  • Now includes APPE & EasyMEDIA

Contour Nesting Software

What is Contour Nesting?

  • Contour Nesting is a new option of Caldera’s Visual and Grand ranges. It is dedicated to cut and allows you to take into account the object’s real shape inside the image so the element can be optimally placed to save media.

The purchase of a specific key is required to use this option.


How does it work?

  • An image is always created in a rectangle, even for PNG files without background or with transparent background. Using Contour Nesting, Caldera can now find the exterior cut contour and use it to redefine the image. This makes it possible to nest the images by taking into account their real shape and not place them as rectangular bricks. To make this nest, Caldera’s algorithm tests, for every image, its available positions including margins, and selects the best combination of images to save media. The image rotation can be +/- 90° or 180° to search the best nesting layout possible.

Visual Cut Software

For Graphtec, Summa, Mimaki, Mutoh and Roland roll cutters, Visual Cut Software will automatically set up cut marks for the specific device it is driving and guide the machine along the document’s embedded contours. VisualCUT makes even complex cutting easy with the software’s ability to manage multiple contours in one file.

Grand Cut Software

For large-format flatbed cutters without direct piloting, Grand Cut Software generates a machine-specific file for each individual job to ensure the most precise cut. Supporting Zünd Cut Center, Zünd Touch & Cut, Aristo, Multicam, Grafitroniks, OptiSCOUT and Duncan controllers, your print-to-cut workflow has never been simpler than with GrandCUT.

Cost Proof Ink and Media Calculation Software

Cost Proof Ink and Media Calculation Software estimates your printing costs by calculating the ink and media consumption per PRINT job. Simply enter your ink and media purchasing costs into the system and CostProof will accurately determine the quantities of each needed for printing the job. The costs of the job can then be displayed at RIP time before you launch the printing process.

Cost View Software

The fully redesigned and upgraded version of its Cost View Software for wide format printers, CostView has been improved with new features, a brand new design and an industry premier module for carbon footprint monitoring. Positioned as a dashboard for a manager sensitive to production costs, CostView now has an eco-sensitive dimension. Its newest and most important feature is the addition of a carbon footprint analysis tool. Users can now indicate the CO2 emitted by each of the elements of the job: ink, media, electricity, additional costs.

With CostView, any production manager can view all jobs in the spooler, monitor ink and media costs, add optional or automatic costs to each job and export the job listing with all relevant costs as a spreadsheet ready for further analysis. Its web driven interface can be accessed by any user in your company network using a simple web browser. Joseph Mergui, CALDERA CEO : “By introducing ecoresponsible data into our RIP solutions, CALDERA’s ambition is to keep its leadership in innovating the wide format printing industry“

Easy Media Software

Easy Media Software is a step-by-step wizard which allows you to specify the color gamut for any print configuration with a given media in no time at all. Thanks to the simple steps in EasyMEDIA to calibrate transition, linearization and ink use, printers can fine-tune their color processing for optimum stability and consistency across their output. EasyMEDIA incorporates i1Prism V2, the state-of-the-art profile builder from X-Rite, so you can guarantee accurate, repeatable color across all your devices.

Other Details:

  • Color Calibration
  • ICC Profile Creation

Flow Wide Format Business Workflow Software

Flow+ Wide Format Business Workflow Software is a vital tool for managing all aspects of your wide-format business from quote to delivery. Based on more than 20 years experience in producing software solutions specific to wide-format production, Caldera has developed Flow+ to help its users to automate sales management, optimize day-to-day processes and make strategic decisions based on totally accurate production data. Whether you have two or 100 staff members, the inherent scalability of Flow+ makes it the right solution to grow as your business does. JDF compliancy ensures that Flow+ can communicate directly with a Caldera RIP, but also with any compatible third-party option.


  • Easy quotation system
  • Creation of production processes
  • Planning and production overview
  • Live job-tracking and job-costing
  • Direct information exchange with the RIP
  • Real-time stock management
  • Advanced global dashboard & statistics

Grand Plan Software

Specifically designed for CAD and technical drawing applications, Caldera’s Grand Plan Software is a submission tool and output management system that allows to remotely send print jobs to CAD printers through an online platform.


GrandPlan allows to:

Submit files to the printer(s):

  • Through a web browser, through powerful shared hotfolders, or directly, by opening the file and sending it to print.
  • All industry standard formats are supported, including: PDF, DWF, DWFx, HPGL, HP-RTL, TIF, JPEG, PS, Calcomp, CALS, PNG, VRF, ZIP files.

Manage print jobs remotely:

  • Users can create, modify and view the jobs directly on his/ her workstation through a web browser. There is also possibility to connect using https protocols for more security.

Give access to multiple users:

  • A multi user system empowers users to manage their own jobs.

Three level of access can be granted:

  • guest (view only),
  • normal (access to the user’s jobs only), and
  • administrator (full access to all jobs).


  • Intelligent automation helps
  • selecting the best available media size and orientation for each page,
  • cropping the unwanted white spaces,
  • detecting common issues like missing fonts and identifying size mismatches.
  • ensuring the correct folding
  • creating templates to simplify common jobs configurations

Grand RIP Textile Software

Grand RIP Textile Software is the ultimate production workflow solution for large-scale wide- and superwide-format print and print-to-cut applications. Built for speed, reliability and flexibility, GrandRIP+ represents the cutting edge of wide-format production software, supporting all popular large-format printer manufacturers. Incorporating the key features of all Caldera’s RIP packages, including Nest-O-Matik™, Step & Repeat, SuperSpooler and Tiling+, GrandRIP+ also includes SignMark to add eyelet, stitch or fold marks on your tiled output and make finishing a breeze. GrandRIP+ keeps your business adaptable with the ability to add extra modules, including cutting solutions and cost management, as you need them.

Other Details:

  • Powerful production workflow
  • Grand format capabilities
  • Advanced overlap and tiling management
  • Flatbed Print-to-Cut control
  • Now includes APPE & EasyMEDIA

Ink Performer Software

Ink Performer Software promises users the power to monitor and optimize their ink consumption, giving commercial printers a significant environmental and economical advantage over their competitors. Caldera Ink Performer Software harnesses Alwan’s award-winning technology within the context of the adaptable and powerful Caldera RIP engine to provide an average 20 percent and up to 35 percent reduction in ink consumption across all types of wide-format production. At a time when raw materials costs, and therefore ink prices, are rising dramatically, this significant savings allows all types of wide-format digital print houses to decrease their expenditure significantly, typically achieving ROI within weeks.


  • Monitor and optimize ink consumption
  • Improve environmental impact
  • Rapid return on investment
  • Multiple ink saving levels

Nestoba Software

Specifically developed for Fotoba cutting machines, Nestoba Software is the evolution of Caldera’s powerful Nest-O-Matik™ tool, designed to save time and resources when cutting.


Other Details:


  • Automatically positions your images on the media in the most efficient way for Fotoba devices
  • Minimizes the cutting time
  • Maximizes profit margins in one simple step

Print Board Software

The new Print Board Software plug-in for Caldera is the first display solution of its kind to interact directly with a RIP engine. The plug-in will allow users of Caldera’s RIP software to show an overview of their production activity on screen for all employees to see, with information including which files have recently been added to the spooler, and the number of square meters processed daily by the RIP. PrintBoard displays information such as the daily square meter production rate, the rate per printing device, the percentage of production per printer and per type of printer and the number of errors per day, alongside the sequence of jobs lined up for each device. This allows for an at-a-glance overview of the workload, and makes it easy for production managers to order jobs for optimum efficiency and productivity.

Real time statistics / printing status display:

  • Daily production rate
  • Production rate per printing device
  • Proportion of total production per printer
  • Proportion of total production per type of printer
  • Number of errors per day

Print Standard Software

Caldera’s Print Standard Software is a new tool to check the conformity of printing processes with industry standards. It provides a solution to the ever-increasing requests for standards compliance in the digital printing market. While certifications linked to universally recognised standards have existed for years in offset print, digital print has many variables that make it difficult to establish a global standard. However, standards research and definition is now supported by organisations like Fogra, ISO or G7 to aid digital PSPs in achieving a certified process standard. To bring customers more accuracy and quality, Caldera has decided to subscribe to the FOGRA organization. This support allows Caldera to add some printing process checking tools to its RIP solutions. As Caldera’s full project will be released step by step, the 9.10 Version is the first to contain a new tool to check the conformity to FOGRA’s PSD and PSO certifications, G7 certifications and to the ISO Standards: ISO 12647-2, ISO 12647-7 and ISO 12647-8.

TextilePro Software

Putting design, color, ink and substrate control at your fingertips, TextilePro Software is the top-flight textile print suite from Caldera that makes production of decorative or industrial products quick, precise and profitable. TextilePro’s intuitive interface is built to ensure your designs and colors are matched throughout production and help you create patterns, variations and repeats without error and without waste. Swatch and pattern tools, standards-ready color management and advanced machine control mean your workflow is stable, accurate and ready for anything – whether it’s fullbleed decoration, functional textiles, prototypes or high-speed runs. Built on Caldera V10’s rapid, robust core architecture, TextilePro supports all major textile printer manufacturers, making it the fast, logical choice to command your workflow.

Variable Display Software

Variable Display Software is a digital signage solution which integrates with digital printing output seamlessly to create point-of-sales material, retail signage, event graphics and a range of other applications. Caldera’s new product is designed as an appliance with the capability to drive any type of monitor, video projectors or LED billboards. The Variable Display solution is practical, discreet, easy to carry, and can be hidden behind the monitor to which it is connected easily. Its user interface can be driven from any type of platform (Windows, Mac and Linux) as well as from iPhone, iPad and Android. Variable Display supports a wide variety of digital formats, including audio, video, flash or PowerPoint animations, pictures and PDF documents. It can also be connected to the internet and harness live content streams such as websites, CCTV, web radio and television stations, with all content saved as playlists. Content can be displayed on either one individual monitor or on several screens simultaneously, making it simple for users to manage and personalize the content of a fleet of monitors or video projectors.

Main features:

  • Simplified set-up and Easy mounting
  • Multiple format capability
  • One click content updating
  • Drag & drop playlist building
  • High-quality playback
  • Secured connectivity
  • Campaign planification
  • Multi-zone layouts
  • Device monitoring capability

Webshop Print Solution Software

The only Webshop Print Solution Software web-to-print solution developed specifically with wide-format printers in mind, Caldera WebShop helps you promote your products online, opening up new sales opportunities and increasing the number of orders coming into your business. Caldera Webshop is based on the popular and robust Joomla e-commerce platform, providing a fully-featured solution which allows you to tailor your store to your individual set-up. This SaaS product integrates seamlessly with Caldera’s RIP software, but can also be used independantly creating a complete sales-to-production solution that saves you time and makes you money. WebShop can be as simple or as complex as you need. Multiple shops, with different products and pricing structures for specific customers or target markets, can be established painlessly, while advanced product categorization helps you keep an easily navigable structure for both you and your customer.

Other Details:

  • Bi-directional JDF communication with the Caldera RIP to avoid information retyping and errors
  • Includes an advanced preflight engine for checking the quality of prepress files
  • Orders, invoices and shipping are managed via a sophisticated sales portal
  • The Variable Size Product function allows the customer to define the size of their print, while an algorithm determines its price according to, for example, total printed area or number of items
  • Complete customer database management allows customers to be grouped and organized according to your preferred definitions
  • Numerous reporting options are available, including sales, shopping cart, product and customer statistics
  • Colorful graphics templates are available to personalize your shop’s design
  • New! Smart editor for online design creation
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